Terms and Conditions


We take Privacy extremely seriously here at HydroNB.  We understand the need to absolute customer privacy and take all steps to ensure your electronic and product privacy are protected.  We do everything possible to ship items discreetly with plain packaging.
You are our number one concern here at Hydroponics NB and we take all steps we can to ensure your privacy is protected.

Returns & Replacements & Warranty

Returns will be accepted for 30 days after purchase. Returns will only be accepted on unused items. For any item that has been used (Tent, Light, Ballast, Nutrients cannot be returned) the customer is responsible to send back the items and pay the associated shipping costs to get the items back to us. For new items that are returned there will be no restocking fee.

Warranty for each item will be stated in the product page, if no warranty is stated there is an assumed 30 day warranty. Items that break within the warranty period the customer will be responsible to return at their cost. A replacement will only be issued if the fault of the item was due to a manufacturing defect. Electrical storms or surges are not covered by any warranty, floods, water damage, physical damage or abuse are not covered by any warranty. It will be up to our discretion if the warranty will be issued. We do not warranty other seller’s items, returning another seller’s item to us for a warranty return is considered mail fraud and will be treated as such.

Sometimes packages get lost or damaged in the mail, which is a fact of life. We do our best to package your item up with the most care, but the couriers sometimes have different ideas. Filing a claim takes about 1 week to process and during that time we ask you to be patient with us. If your package is broken beyond any usable repair we will of course replace it free of charge for you. If your package is missing we will do our best to locate it and if we cannot we will ship you another one. Each case is unique so the turnaround time might vary. Luckily this a very rare occurrence and only happens in about 1 in 200 shipments. We will stand by service and customer and we will never leave you with a loss in the shipment.


You can order all items directly online. We take Visa & MasterCard and debit cards along with PayPal on our site. We can also take money orders by special request. We reserve the right to add in a surcharge for rural areas and oversized items. Items below $99 standard calculated shipping rates apply. Most orders will ship within 24 hours (M-F), delays can occur because of invalid addresses, or non-matching billing addresses. Also weather delays can delay packaging & shipping time.

Payment & Pricing

We try to offer the lowest pricing possible.  As we only carry items that we are willing to back up with our own experience, the ability to offer less expensive items is not always possible.  Our philosophy of only selling what we can back up does limit some of the products we carry, and we do all we can to offer the best price possible on those products.


We cannot guarantee that any kit or product(s) will fit your individual needs. Operating a grow light or grow tent or any other hydroponic equipment involves some risk of causing a fire or serious bodily injury.

Buyer accepts responsibility for any and all grow light, grow tent or any other product operation that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, death, other losses, costs and damages. Seller is not responsible for injuries and/or damages resulting from operating any grow light, grow tent or any other product. Seller is not responsible for misuse or any warranty after installation. Our products are not intended for any illegal growing or use.

Grow lights and Ballasts and light bulbs all create heat, if proper safety precautions are not taken this can lead to burns or fires or other damage.

We cannot guarantee delivery times and are not responsible for any losses for any late deliveries. We do not cover economic or social losses for any product that malfunctions during any type of operation.

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