Indoor growing of many crops made easy


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Indoor growing of many crops made easy

We offer everything you need to grow indoors with hydroponics, anywhere, and especially here in the Maritimes.  Need fresh products year round?  That is certainly possible with basic hydroponic equipment and solutions, coupled with a little home ingenuity to build a garden without breaking the bank!

We are working hard to get the online store running, but with a lot of traffic in our store we are busy serving customers.

We will be going live ASAP.  Until then, you can certainly visit our store or contact us about possible delivery options in the Moncton area.  We are trying our best to service all our customers as quickly as we can.  Thank you for your patience.

What is hydroponics? 

How can you grow indoors and get the same or better quality than outdoor gardens?  Is it complicated?  Is it expensive?

We get these questions all the time.  Hydroponics is actually fairly simple.  A few simple rules, a few simple tests, watch your plants, and ask questions.  Many have great success with basic equipment and a little creative thinking on how to set up your indoor garden to work for you and your crop.

Hydroponics:  It is simply a way to grow many plants in a water-based system where you can control the nutrients to make your crop grow at its best.  By eliminating soil and having the roots in a water system, the guess work is removed from what is needed to give the best growth and best harvest.  Almost all plants need the same basic nutrients, with hydroponics you can give your plants exactly what they want, and easily control the environment.  In soil you are virtually at the mercy of the soil mixture and can only add food.  This works, but not nearly as well as hydroponics, especially when growing indoors, or starting your plants indoors for transplant outside when the season starts.


With 30 years experience in the hydroponics industry, we offer what we use and recommend what works for us.

Located just outside Moncton, NB, we take pride in offering hydroponics gadening supplies that are right for Atlantic Canada growing as well as the rest of Canada and much of the US.

We have both service and experience

Don’t get blown away by those who will sell you the most expensive items just to make a sale. We sell what we use, and only recommend what works for us.
Hydroponic indoor gardens don't have to break the bank to be successful with almost any crop.


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Get your hydroponics supplies in person at our retail location

Get all your hydroponic growing supplies in person at our retail store, "Hopewell Curio Shop" in Hopewell Cape, NB

More Brands All The Time

With the pending legalization of marijuana in Canada there has been a spike in interest around all aspects of hydroponic gardening. This has resulted in a huge increase in the availabilty of hyrdoponic indoor and outdoor growing solutions at an affordable price. Here in the Moncton, NB area, as well as all the Maritimes, it has long been challenging to get economical hydroponic system parts for growing everything, not just pot!! We have been in the hydroponic growing business for many years, growing everything you can imagine. This type of indoor gardening certainly isn't only for weed. It now is even more economical for you to set up an indoor garden for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. With our realtively short growing season in the Maritimes, fresh products are in supply for a very short time. Now we can have fresh, high quality, clean produce year round. Just think of picking a fresh tomato and cucumber in January!! It is very possible, and without a lot of cost, effort or knowledge. Hydroponics is really quite simple if you keep it that way. Don't get bogged down in all the details. Leave that to us. We can advise you on what works for growing in the Maritimes both indoors and out. How would you like to have tons of flowers around your home this summer? Expensive isn't it? Not so bad if you start those flowers in an indoor hydroponics setup, getting them growing fast and strong to be transferred outside to spruce up your home. What we are trying to explain is that hydroponics is not expensive and now, more than every, is easy to get, set up, and reap the benefits. Thanks to the huge growth in suppliers because of the marijuana legalization this year, now everyone can get what they need for an indoor hydroponic garden in the Maritimes, right here in the Moncton area. Also, don't get scared by those expensive "all in one" systems that have big price tags. You can set up a system with a few buckets, a little water pump, air pump and some plastic lines. So investment is minimal for the convenience of year round fresh produce of the highest quality and flavour.


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