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Whoever said ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ must have been an indoor gardener to know that if you want to play god, cleanliness must be your first priority.

If you work outside in your back yard and then go into your indoor grow room, you will not end up being an indoor gardener for long. 

Hopefully, indoors, you are giving your plants the exact temperature, humidity and lighting that your plants need.

However, any pests, bacteria, moulds etc. are likely to thrive in the same environment and will quickly invade and take over if not either kept out in the first place or recognized and eliminated at first sight.


Peroxide, vinegar, bleach and Ivory soap will be your main cleaning and sterilizing products.

I say Ivory soap because it is the purest soap and has less additives so less residue.


You’ll also want to try and have an entry room where footwear and at least a jacket or sweater can be changed before entering the grow room.

Always be sure that nothing enters the grow room without first being thoroughly washed and that no plants or cuttings enter without first either being quarantined for a few days or come from someone that you know has pest and disease-free plants or cuttings. 


Make sure that any utensils used in the grow room, stay in the grow room.

If you must use them elsewhere, they will need be washed and preferably sterilized with peroxide before coming back into the room.


No dirt pots, no soil.

Hydroponics and soil do not mix.


Hydroponics can be done using peat moss which is a soilless mix…but we’ll talk more on that later.


Any area that you use to set up your grow room must be clean and free of contaminants before even beginning.


This may sound like a lot of bother but ignore it at your entire crop’s peril.

I know people that ignore most of this and seem to get along fine for some time but eventually, a pest or pathogen will not only invade but ruin a crop.